*Typically £675 for a 20 day period (includes 3 weekends)* 

*Typically £450 for a 12 day period (includes 2 weekends)*




*Typically £300 for a 20 day period (includes 3 weekends)* 

*Typically £150 for a 12 day period (includes 2 weekends)*


The fee covers heating, lighting, card payment facilities etc. This is comprised of:

  • A non-refundable 50% deposit will be due 6 weeks prior to the exhibition. The balance is payable in full on or before the first day of the exhibition

You can book the ECAD Gallery for a standard 20 day period, which runs from a Tuesday & ends on a Sunday (includes 3 weekends). However a 12 day slot is also available (pro-rata) to suit your exhibition duration requirements.

Rates Overview 

  • Half day hire £70 [NR deposit - full fee paid in advance]

  • 1 day hire £125 [NR deposit - full fee paid in advance]

  • 1 week hire £325 [NR deposit - £165 fee paid in advance]

  • Nom 2 week hire £450 [NR deposit £225 fee paid in advance] 

  • Nom 3 week hire £675 [NR deposit £350 fee paid in advance] 

Your Exhibition

Your booking will begin at 12 noon on Wednesday – this is to allow you to hang the exhibition in time for a private view on the first Thursday or Friday if you choose.

We will issue you with a key to the front door, and you can choose opening times that suit you – for example, artists with commitments during the week sometimes only open at the weekends.

You should display your chosen opening times clearly on the front door.

You are free to hang your exhibition as you wish (see terms below). Artists make good on arrival, and can leave the gallery as it is for the next artist.

You must vacate the gallery before noon on the last Wednesday & hand the keys back to the gallery proprietor or representative.

Gallery Features

- Flexible Screens - By request

- WC & Kitchen Facilities

- Wi-Fi

- LED Theatre Spot Lighting (Dimmable)

- Sonos Sound system (Spotify or iTunes compatible)

- Air-Conditioning

- Back of House Storage Area 

- Dedicated Window Display Advertising

- Relaxed Seating

An ECAD Gallery representative will be at the premises (within the Studio Room) at strategic times.

All exhibition marketing will be the responsibility of the exhibitor, however the ECAD Gallery website will contribute & have headline advertising which will feature forthcoming, current & past exhibitors showing at the gallery.

Exhibitor Booking Details

Name *
Date for Exhibition Start
Date for Exhibition Start
Date for Exhibition End
Date for Exhibition End

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for hiring the gallery are set out below. Payment of the £125 deposit is your acceptance of these terms.  

The artist is responsible for the following:

-Ensuring the premises is secure at all times

-Locking the premises at night & setting the alarm

-Ensuring the premises kept tidy at all times reasonably making good the hanging space on arrival. Paint and filler is provided securing their work to the walls with adequate fixings. There is no in-place hanging system however the main walls do not require raw-plug fixing. Self tapping screws fixed to plasterboard & particle board walls are all that is required. The walls are to remain white & no other colour shall be applied to the walls.

ECAD Gallery will make a nominal charge of £25 to make good the walls after your departure.

Keeping the rear/back-of-house areas tidy. Stock of toiletries to be replenished  for the next exhibitor.  

The gallery is responsible for:

General cleaning, floors, windows etc

Removal of re-cycling and rubbish

Providing paint and filler for re-decoration to gallery walls