Mohtashim Shaikh



Jul 25 - Aug 25

People, culture and place are the subjects that preoccupy London-based photographer Mohtashim Shaikh. Featuring 11 powerful and evocative images, from his portfolio, the exhibition, entitled ‘Humanscapes’, records Mohtashim’s personal vision of the state of the world today. Through his work he invites the viewer to celebrate the capacity of human beings to persist through the inequity of a consumerist and media driven social order. 

In his travels around the world he seeks to document the everyday struggles and endeavours within these ‘humanscapes’, and challenges us to read the stories suffused in each and every image, all the while presenting the perfect combination of light and shadow, strength and grace, the ordinary and the extraordinary.   








Jun 20 - 

Jul 18

BEFORE WINTER a 'book title' presented into an exhibition format portraying a unique brand of monochromatic urban photography featuring reflections and shadow subjects appearing as detached shapes that verge on abstract expressionism.

“There are times in our life that we are presented a beauty in the mundane and see it transformed into the beauty from inside the photographer. The eye, heart and mind of both the photographer and the viewer meet hand in hand, in the photos presented in front of the eye and hopefully an understanding becomes clear”.

“This is one of those times”.



Apr 25- May 27



An invitation & an opportunity to Exhibit & Sell your best 9 images in a photography gallery. Spotlight your impressive social media photography that you would consider are good enough to captivate, entertain & entice visitors to indulge with a purchase of your work.






Mar 8 - 

Mar 31



Alan Marsh | Still-life, food and drinks photographer,  here explores the theme of life, death, and rejuvination through organic matter by observing compost, rotting food which is alive with decomposition, wilting flowers, fruit transformed by mould.
There is an element of Wabi Sabi, the Japanese notion of the celebration of imperfection, in his work.
For this exhibition Alan has teamed up with Margaret Kilen who shares a similar interest in the organic nature of the world, through her ceramics.





Jan 25 - Feb 25


Award Winning London Photographer - Peter Murrell is an acclaimed street, people and architectural photographer based in London. He took up photography six years ago, where rumour has it he is never without his camera thus resulting in a style that can only be described as candid, random, and visually engaging offering an alternative but authentic view of city life.’

Coming from a civil engineering/building management background capturing architectural images appealed to him but as time went by he felt his work lacked the ‘human element’ these structures were designed to serve. Hence you will find his work may contain a solitary figure drifting in or out of the image bringing perspective and atmosphere.

Peter is forever broadening his horizons and is keen to discover new ways of expressing himself from behind the lens.’







Dec 6 - Dec 31


ECAD Photography (Eugene Ofolie Codjoe) presents an abstraction of stylish architecture designed to evoke contemplation and a serenity of light & shadow.




ECAD GALLERY celebrated it's inaugural soft launch opening by proprietor Eugene Ofolie Codjoe. A favourable attendance by supporting friends & potential exhibitors made a successful evening.

The Consort Road gallery, measuring 30 sq m, is in an area of deceivingly high footfall, yet doesn’t conflict with other nearby distractions. Eugene Ofolie is offering to hire out the space to other up-and-coming photographers who - like he was just two years ago - are unsure about taking the plunge and opening their own gallery. “I would like to engage with other emerging photographers, and to offer the opportunity for them to promote and market their work using the space at the ECAD Gallery,” adds Eugene. “I hope this opportunity will enable them to take their photography career to the next level.”


The adaptable ECAD Gallery features theatre spotlighting, Sonos sound system, a wall projector for films & seminars, wi-fi, WC and kitchen facilities. Behind the main gallery is a photographic studio, where Eugene shoots his high-quality ‘serenity portrait’ images. Both art lovers and budding photographers are encouraged to pop in to see Eugene.

His photographs and the exhibition space - which can be adapted for many uses such as talks, conferences, business meetings, dinner parties, or even used just as an oasis to escape the bustling local area for a few minutes and take in some stunning black-and-white images.

Eugene, who recently held his first solo exhibition at Anise Gallery in Shad Thames, concludes: “I shall be in attendance at ECAD Gallery most days, including weekends, and would welcome the chance to chat with other local artists about collaboration.


[2nd Nov 2017]


Cool 'Peckham' Location

Consort Road serves as a main artery connecting Peckham to Nunhead & East Dulwich. Dubbed the 'White Building' ECAD Gallery resides on this characterful street with deceptively high footfall & an established presence of artists & designers. ECAD Gallery seeks to attract photography lovers to this new destination.