Eugene’s development as a professional photographer has evolved over a 12 year period announced with a debut exhibiton at Anise Gallery in Bermondsey in Sept 2012. He has now opened his own gallery amidst the burgeoning arts scene in Peckham.  

His highly detailed and often abstract mono images of architectural details catch the eye when back-printed onto aluminium & presented in bespoke frames, is opening the ECAD Gallery in Consort Road in the heart of trendy Peckham, in south-east London.


The gallery is offered for hire  to up-and-coming photographers who like he was just two years ago was unsure about taking the plunge and opening their own gallery. “I would like to engage with other emerging photographers, and to offer the opportunity for them to promote and market their work using the space at the ECAD Gallery,” adds Eugene Ofolie. “I hope this opportunity will enable them and myself to take their photography career to the next level.”  Both art lovers and budding photographers are encouraged to pop in to see Eugene, his photographs and the exhibitions. ECAD Gallery opened to the public on 9th November 2017.