19th Sept - 23rd Sept

ECAD GALLERY celebrates an OPENING EVENT with a move to new premises at: 71 Bellenden Road Peckham SE15 4QY.



Eurivaldo Bezerra

26th Sept - 13th Oct

⁣A great occasion to see intriguing fine art photography at its best. Eurivaldo Bezerra showcases his study of the seas (Mares) in the most captivating moments of composition.



Benjamin Rice | David Caldwell | Philip Durell

17th Oct - 20th Oct

Established artists Benjamin Rice, David Caldwell and Philip Durell debut at Battersea AAF 2019. Emerging into the realms of fine art photography, a collective arrangement of landscapes, tree studies and architecture make an intriguing curation with abstract expressionism and exacting fine art detail.



David Magee | Olga Karlovac | Alan Marsh

30th Oct - 3rd Nov

A collaboration of stylish achromatic fine art photography ECAD Gallery makes a debut showing in Amsterdam AAF with artists David Magee, Olga Karlovac & Alan Marsh. Exquisite coastal landscapes merge with expressionist & abstract story telling imagery with complex and subtle still life photography art rounding this trio of collaborators.


The ambition for any emerging or indeed established photography artists, is to showcase their work. ECAD Gallery appreciates the process and the financial commitments involved that range from printing, framing and ultimately to hold an exhibition. Proprietor Eugene Codjoe believes in a collaboration and teamwork approach between artist and a gallery to achieve notoriety and success for both the artist and the gallery that supports the passionate endeavours of surviving in the art world.

If you are an artist, please come along to ECAD Gallery and find out what ECAD can offer you with mutual benefit and success.

Urban Serenity - ECAD Photography | 'URBAN SERENITY' | Nov 2nd - Dec 31st

Urban Serenity - ECAD Photography | 'URBAN SERENITY' | Nov 2nd - Dec 31st

Eugene Ofolie Codjoe presiding under ECAD Photography celebrates the inaugural opening of his new gallery....!

After many years working as an Architectural Technologist/Technical Architect Eugene makes the brave move to open a photography gallery to promote both his and other emerging photographers works in the resurgent & new Peckham scene. Eugene has combined his abilities in architecture, construction detailing and photography to create a haven for photographers to display photography art.