Course Overview

The workshops are intended for beginners to help them understand the basics of SLR cameras, particularly manual settings and also the principles of photography. In a small group of between 5-8 people the classes involve a mixture of theory and practical exercises.

Each participant on the course will learn the fundamentals of photography, such as correct exposures for creative photos and understand the relationship between Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. The principles of composition, portraiture and street photography will also be discussed.

Students will also learn by taking photos as part of practical exercises and will get advice and feedback, including personalised attention.

Beginners Photography Workshop

Exposure Triangle settings
How to step out from the auto function into manual mode
ISO, aperture and shutter speed priority
Freezing motion, blurring motion
Shallow and deep depth of field
Composition, rule of thirds and natural light
Introduction to portraiture and street photography
Difference between lenses
Practical exercise includes exploring a walk in Peckham to practice taking photos with the camera set to manual mode

We ask that all participants bring an SLR camera with manual mode setting and a clean memory card.